Are you fully trained

My name is Andrew and I am the business owner at Oven Supremo. one of the most frequently asked questions clients ask me is are you fully trained. The short answer is yes. I have received training in all aspects of oven cleaning. In addition I have also completed training in domestic appliance repair, and in service inspection and testing of electric appliances which covers all makes and models of electric ovens. With a huge range of appliances it is very difficult to train on every single make and model out there. However the basic principle remains the same for all ovens. They all do the same thing despite parts looking different between the brands. I have a great deal of experience having worked on almost two thousand ovens of all makes, models and ages. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask while booking in your oven clean. Oven Supremo are fully trained to work on your...

What does an oven clean include

So what exactly does an oven clean include. There are many oven cleaners with a range of prices, we are often asked does your price include the racks. In short the answer is YES. At Oven Supremo all our oven cleaning services include the racks and at least one drip tray to be cleaned throughout all our oven cleaning services. After all who would clean an oven and put the dirty racks back in. Take a look at our latest price list here! All Oven Supremo services include the racks in our...

Oven cleaning near me

If you have just searched for oven cleaning near me, then you must be looking for an oven cleaner. Oven Supremo provide a local reliable oven cleaning service throughout South & West Yorkshire. Located in Royston near Barnsley we are ideally situated to serve the towns of Barnsley, Wakefield & Pontefract. Specialists in range oven cleaning We are proud of our oven cleaning service, which is both odourless and fume free. You may even use your oven straight away. We have a range of services at competitive prices from single oven cleans right up to range oven...

Smokey oven repair or clean?

Smokey oven repair or clean? it is probably one of our most frequently asked questions. In most cases an oven clean is more than enough to cure a smokey oven. Causes of a smokey oven. Months of use, spills and splashes all play a part, as do cooking techniques. For instance cooking meat uncovered will soil your oven quicker than if it were covered. Other causes of a smoking oven may be elements which are not used that often, such as the grill element. Indeed we have come upon ovens which are only used for grilling and smoke profusely when the fan oven is used. Grease does not tend to stick to a hot element, for this reason we always recommend less frequently used elements are run briefly in order to burn off any grease. However in some situations an oven element may be so badly soiled it is beyond help, and replacement is required. Learn more about Oven Supremo and professional oven cleaning...
Oven cleaning South Elmsall

Oven cleaning South Elmsall

Oven Cleaning South Elmsall. Professional oven cleaning by Oven Supremo. Covering South Elmsall & South Kirkby. Oven Supremo can transform the appearance of your kitchen with a professional oven clean. Oven Cleaning, a professional service. Many off the shelf oven cleaning kits leave behind strong odours. Which at the best of times can be unpleasant. Requiring your oven to be well ventilated for many hours to come. However with a professional oven clean from Oven Supremo, strong chemical odours are a thing of the past. We only ever use fume free cleaning technology in our oven cleaning services. You can have confidence that no product we use will harm you, or your family. In fact in a matter of hours your oven can once more shine like new. Our most popular service. Ask about our oven cleaning packages. Minor Oven repairs. Oven Supremo offers a minor oven repair service throughout most of the South Elmsall district. From replacing a bulb, hinge or door seal, Oven Supremo is here to...

Oven Supremo

Oven cleaning Barnsley. Oven cleaning Wakefield. Oven Supremo providing professional oven cleaning throughout Barnsley & Wakefield since 2016.


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