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Frequently asked questions. Below is a list of questions our clients may have about our oven cleaning services. Although not a definitive list of questions, we aim to answer most if not all questions our potential clients may have. However if we have not answered your particular question then please don’t hesitate to contact us, we are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Oven cleaning, frequently asked questions

Q. I have a self cleaning oven, surely I don’t need an oven clean.

A. Self cleaning ovens use non stick liners which regenerate  burning off fat and grease deposits at high temperatures. However self cleaning ovens still benefit from a full clean as racks glass and other areas still get dirty.

Q. How long does an oven clean take

A. Single & double oven cleans take approximately two hours. Hobs and extractors may add a further half hour. Finally range ovens may take up to four hours depending on condition.

Q. Do you charge extra to clean oven racks or trays

A. Our prices are all inclusive including racks, grill & drip trays.

Q. Do your chemicals give off fumes.

A. All the cleaning products we use are fume free and odourless.

Q. Do you have full insurance

A. We have full insurance cover, which includes cover for any appliance worked on. We are happy to provide proof of insurance upon request.

Q. Do you clean the oven roof

A. All the internal surfaces including the roof are cleaned, and where possible we clean under the grill elements using purpose made tools.

Q. Do you offer replacement bulbs

A. Yes we offer a bulb replacement service, However only quality internally fused bulbs are used.

Q. Can you clean between the glass

A. Yes on most ovens we can. However on the other hand there are a few ovens on the market that have sealed doors, as a result it will not be possible to clean inside the glass on such an oven.

Q. Do you repair ovens.

A. Although I have invested in training to carry out repairs and in service inspection and testing of appliances, I currently do not offer a repair service.

Which areas do Oven Supremo cover

Oven Supremo clean ovens throughout Wakefield. Pontefract. Hemsworth West Yorkshire, and Barnsley. Rotherham. Conisbrough. Penistone & Stocksbridge South Yorkshire.

If you have any questions about our services or would like a quote please contact us 07506 994612

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