Domestic appliance repair

Domestic appliance repair is the latest service from Oven Supremo. In addition to our successful oven cleaning & repair services, we are introducing a quality domestic appliance repair service. Oven Supremo aim to be the first choice for all your kitchen appliance care requirements. Washing machine repair Washing machines are at the heart of every homes laundry, its role is vital in the smooth running of your home. We all know the frustration caused when your washing machine fails. However help is at hand, our new domestic appliance repair service is here to help. With fast call outs appointments we can check over your machine and quote for repairs. If your machine is beyond our help we also have an installation service to fit your new machine. Tumble dryer repair Service & repair of tumble dryers available. Whatever the problem our domestic appliance repair service has the answer. If your tumble dryer is not heating up, or spinning call in the supremo. Dishwasher repair We all love our dishwashers, saving us time and labour, when anything goes wrong we wonder how ever we coped without it. Our quality reliable domestic appliance repair service is here to help resolve all your dishwasher woes. Oven cleaning & repair Of course our oven cleaning & repair services are here to stay. Oven Supremo have been cleaning & repairing ovens since 2015. We are fully trained in all aspects of domestic appliance repair and the testing of electrical components. We carry full insurance cover for both cleaning and appliance repairs.  ...

oven cleaners wakefield

Oven cleaners Wakefield. A professional oven cleaning service by Oven Supremo. Covering most of the Wakefield postcode district. Oven Supremo can transform the appearance of your kitchen with a professional oven clean. Oven cleaners Wakefield, a professional service. Many off the shelf oven cleaning kits contain caustic soda. Which is highly corrosive and toxic? Many off the shelf products may also leave strong odours. However with a professional oven clean from Oven Supremo, which uses fume free cleaning technology. Using only food safe chemicals. You can have confidence that no product we use will harm you, or your family. In fact in a matter of hours your oven can once more shine like a diamond. Oven repairs Wakefield. Oven Supremo offers an expert oven repair service throughout most of the Wakefield district. From single ovens to range ovens, Oven Supremo is here to...

oven cleaners barnsley

Oven cleaners Barnsley. Oven Supremo offer professional oven cleaning & repair services throughout the Barnsley district. We can transform the appearance of your oven with a professional oven clean, its more affordable than you think with prices from £50. Oven cleaners Barnsley, the service. Many off the shelf oven cleaning kits contain caustic soda, a highly corrosive and toxic substance. After use you have to ventilate the room well and the oven may smell for days to come. After all you’re hard work come the disappointing results. You just can’t shift the hard deposits no matter how much you scrub. A professional oven clean from Oven Supremo, has the benefit of not only removing soft grease but all burned on carbon that accumulates inside your oven. Using only food based chemicals. You can have confidence that no product we use will harm you, or your family. In a matter of hours your oven can once more shine like a diamond. Self cleaning ovens. Even self cleaning ovens benefit from a professional clean. A self cleaning oven contains non stick liners which are engineered to prevent carbon build up in difficult to clean areas. Self cleaning liners require heat to regenerate. However a self cleaning oven still has many parts which require manual cleaning, such as glass, racks etc. That is why we recommend self cleaning ovens be cleaned at least yearly to prevent carbon build up behind the liners. Oven repairs Barnsley. Oven Supremo also repair ovens. We offer a repair service throughout the Barnsley district. From replacing a door seal to replacing oven elements, Oven Supremo is here to help. Often our two services can be combined, why not...

oven cleaning & repair

Oven cleaning & repair. Oven Supremo stand out from the crowd of oven cleaners. With our fully trained and insured repair service, we are truly oven care experts. Our quality services use only the best cleaning products and quality parts. Oven cleaning & repair. Choose the best. Oven Supremo use a range of eco friendly cleaning products which are non toxic and fume free. Ever cleaned your oven and had to ventilate the room due to fumes from off the shelf oven cleaners. Rest assured all the products we use will never fill your kitchen with strong odours. Our customers are important to us, all our repair parts carry a 12 month guarantee and are quality OEM parts. Oven Supremo technicians are fully trained in all aspects of electric oven repair, fault finding and diagnostics....

range oven repair

In need of a range oven repair. Call in the Supremo. The Oven Supremo team are experts when it comes to range ovens. Range oven repair. Our full range of services. Common oven faults such as not warming up, getting too hot and switching itself off may be easily fixed by our expert technicians. We use only quality parts which carry a 12 month guarantee for full peace of mind. Require repairs. Our oven repair services are available for most makes and models of range ovens, including Rangemaster, Leisure and many more. Areas we cover. Oven Supremo operate throughout Barnsley. Wakefield. Pontefract. Give us a call and ask about our oven cleaning and repair services today.  ...

Expert oven repair

Expert oven repair by Oven Supremo. Do you have a cold oven or maybe your oven does not reach its full temperature. Could this be the cause of your problems.  Oven repair by the experts. The above element is an extreme example of a failed oven element, you do not need to be an expert to see the failure. However for our customer the failure could not be visualised. This is a base element, buried deep within the oven cavity and somewhat tricky to remove. By carrying out a simple test on every element and thermostat. Once replaced we repeated all our tests to determine if the fault had now cleared. Oven Supremo carry out oven repair throughout much of South & West Yorkshire. Please contact us to to learn...

Oven Supremo

Providing Domestic appliance repair & oven cleaning services throughout Barnsley, South Yorkshire. & Wakefield, West Yorkshire and the surrounding towns and villages.

If you require domestic appliance repairs, or your oven cleaned to a professional standard,in the South or West Yorkshire areas, please contact Oven Supremo for a free no obligation quote!

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