range oven repair

In need of a range oven repair. Call in the Supremo. The Oven Supremo team are experts when it comes to range ovens. Range oven repair. Our full range of services. Common oven faults such as not warming up, getting too hot and switching itself off may be easily fixed by our expert technicians. We use only quality parts which carry a 12 month guarantee for full peace of mind. Require repairs. Our oven repair services are available for most makes and models of range ovens, including Rangemaster, Leisure and many more. Areas we cover. Oven Supremo operate throughout Barnsley. Wakefield. Pontefract. Give us a call and ask about our oven cleaning and repair services today.  ...

Expert oven repair

Expert oven repair by Oven Supremo. Do you have a cold oven or maybe your oven does not reach its full temperature. Could this be the cause of your problems.  Oven repair by the experts. The above element is an extreme example of a failed oven element, you do not need to be an expert to see the failure. However for our customer the failure could not be visualised. This is a base element, buried deep within the oven cavity and somewhat tricky to remove. By carrying out a simple test on every element and thermostat. Once replaced we repeated all our tests to determine if the fault had now cleared. Oven Supremo carry out oven repair throughout much of South & West Yorkshire. Please contact us to to learn...

Oven element replacement

Oven element replacement from Oven Supremo. Has your fan oven stopped working, maybe your convection oven is no longer hot enough. Then Oven Supremo is here to help. We are experts when it comes to ovens, from cleaning to repairs we are more than the best, we are the Supremo. Before we replace any component on your oven, we thoroughly test every component to trace exactly where the fault lies. Oven element replacement. Once other faults such as timer or thermostat failure have been ruled out, then we can quote to replace any oven elements. An under performing oven may have many causes, much time and effort could be wasted without the correct tests. Replacing the wrong part could be a very costly experience.   Our oven repair services. Elements Fan motors Thermostats Switches Click here & learn more Expert repairs throughout. Oven Supremo covers. Barnsley. Wakefield. Pontefract. Hemsworth. For a free no obligation quote contact oven Supremo...

Affordable oven cleaning

Oven Supremo are proud of our oven cleaning service. It is also more affordable than you think. Amazing value with prices starting at only £50 for a single oven. Rest assured we don’t skimp on quality either. In fact quality is our number one priority. Just take a look at our reviews and see what our customers have to say about our affordable oven cleaning. Affordable oven cleaning prices. Standard ovens 600mm package deals, includes a hob and extractor hood clean. Standard ovens 600mm • Single oven £50 • Double oven £60 Range ovens 900mm • Single range oven (Excluding hob) £80 • Two oven range (Excluding hob) £90 • Two oven range & grill (Including hob) £105 Aga/Rayburn • Full clean (including hobs) From £110 Microwaves • Standard £20 Hobs • Up to 5 Ring Hob. £15 • Large Hob £25 Miscellaneous • 600mm Extractor hood including filter 900mm Extractor hood including filter £15 £20 Standard ovens 600mm package deals. Includes hob & extractor hood clean. • Single oven package £75 • Double oven package £85 Want to know more or even get a quote, please contact us here or visit our oven cleaning page for more...

Oven Repair Barnsley

Oven repair services by the experts, Oven Supremo. There is not much we don’t know about ovens, that is why we are the first choice for oven repair. Oven Supremo are capable of fixing any electric oven, grill or hob. Oven repair a cost effective solution. A repair can save you money, for instance a replacement element could cost as little as £65. Which in comparison to purchasing a new oven represents quite a saving, using state of the art test meters failed components are detected within seconds.               To test an element we have two primary tests we can perform. The first is across the two contacts measuring resistance. The tester returned a reading of 22,000 Ohms, an infinite reading which indicates a failed element.               Our second test the insulation resistance test as shown above. A safety based test which gives an indication of the condition of the insulation within the element. Once the faulty components are detected replacement parts can be ordered and a suitable fitting date arranged. Which areas do Oven Supremo cover. Oven Supremo repair ovens throughout. Barnsley, Wakefield, Pontefract & the surrounding districts please contact us for further details.      ...

Eco friendly oven cleaning

 Eco friendly oven cleaning. Is it possible ? Is Eco friendly oven cleaning really possible. We realise that to truly clean your oven you need to do much more than just a spray and wipe down. Due to the nature of the heavy carbon and fatty deposits on the inside of your oven.  You need some pretty heavy going cleaning products right! Many of us would head down to our local supermarket and buy an off the shelf product for just a few quid. But have you ever stopped and read the ingredients. Many of these products contain a chemical called Sodium Hydroxide. Commonly known as caustic soda. Sodium Hydroxide a highly corrosive substance which should never be used on stainless steel, aluminium or glass. Although caustic soda is effective at breaking down grease it is very damaging to the internal surfaces of your oven. It will attack and damage glass and corrode soft metals such as aluminium and stainless steel. Additionally there is the danger of chemical burns from the ingredients of these types of kit. Bearing in mind the make up of an ovens internal surfaces, Vitreous enamel. Which is a type of molten glass fused onto steel at high temperatures, why buy such a damaging product. After a few treatments your once shiny oven surfaces have become dull. Your stainless steel racks have corroded all because of the oven cleaner in the little bag.   Eco friendly oven cleaning. the Oven Supremo way As an Eco friendly oven cleaning specialist Oven Supremo carry a range of bio degradable cleaning products. From citrus based de-greasers to biological oven cleaners. We have everything required to...

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