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Oven cleaners Wakefield. A professional oven cleaning service by Oven Supremo. Covering most of the Wakefield postcode district. Oven Supremo can transform the appearance of your kitchen with a professional oven clean. Oven cleaners Wakefield, a professional service. Many off the shelf oven cleaning kits contain caustic soda. Which is highly corrosive and toxic? Many off the shelf products may also leave strong odours. However with a professional oven clean from Oven Supremo, which uses fume free cleaning technology. Using only food safe chemicals. You can have confidence that no product we use will harm you, or your family. In fact in a matter of hours your oven can once more shine like a diamond. Oven repairs Wakefield. Oven Supremo offers an expert oven repair service throughout most of the Wakefield district. From single ovens to range ovens, Oven Supremo is here to...

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Oven cleaners Barnsley. Oven Supremo offer professional oven cleaning & repair services throughout the Barnsley district. We can transform the appearance of your oven with a professional oven clean, its more affordable than you think with prices from £55. Oven cleaners Barnsley, the service. Many off the shelf oven cleaning kits contain caustic soda, a highly corrosive and toxic substance. After use you have to ventilate the room well and the oven may smell for days to come. After all you’re hard work come the disappointing results. You just can’t shift the hard deposits no matter how much you scrub. A professional oven clean from Oven Supremo, has the benefit of not only removing soft grease but all burned on carbon that accumulates inside your oven. Using only food based chemicals. You can have confidence that no product we use will harm you, or your family. In a matter of hours your oven can once more shine like a diamond. Self cleaning ovens. Even self cleaning ovens benefit from a professional clean. A self cleaning oven contains non stick liners which are engineered to prevent carbon build up in difficult to clean areas. Self cleaning liners require heat to regenerate. However a self cleaning oven still has many parts which require manual cleaning, such as glass, racks etc. That is why we recommend self cleaning ovens be cleaned at least yearly to prevent carbon build up behind the liners. Oven repairs Barnsley. Oven Supremo also repair ovens. We offer a repair service throughout the Barnsley district. From replacing a door seal to replacing oven elements, Oven Supremo is here to help. Often our two services can be combined,...

Affordable oven cleaning

Oven Supremo are proud of our oven cleaning service. It is also more affordable than you think. Amazing value with prices starting at only £55 for a single oven. Rest assured we don’t skimp on quality either. In fact quality is our number one priority. Just take a look at our reviews and see what our customers have to say about our affordable oven cleaning. Affordable oven cleaning prices. Standard ovens 600mm. Package deals includes a hob and extractor hood clean. Standard ovens 600mm • Single oven £55 • Double oven £65 Range ovens 900mm • Range oven excluding hob £85 • Range including hob £110 • Range oven including hob & extractor £130 Aga/Rayburn • Full clean (including hobs) From £120 Microwaves • Standard £15 Hobs • Up to 5 Ring Hob. £15 • Large Hob £25 Miscellaneous • 600mm Extractor hood including filter 900mm Extractor hood including filter £15 £20 Standard ovens 600mm package deals. Includes hob & extractor hood clean. • Single oven package £75 • Double oven package £85 Want to know more or even get a quote, please contact us here or visit our oven cleaning page for more...

Eco friendly oven cleaning

 Eco friendly oven cleaning. Is it possible ? Is Eco friendly oven cleaning really possible. We realise that to truly clean your oven you need to do much more than just a spray and wipe down. Due to the nature of the heavy carbon and fatty deposits on the inside of your oven.  You need some pretty heavy going cleaning products right! Many of us would head down to our local supermarket and buy an off the shelf product for just a few quid. But have you ever stopped and read the ingredients. Many of these products contain a chemical called Sodium Hydroxide. Commonly known as caustic soda. Sodium Hydroxide a highly corrosive substance which should never be used on stainless steel, aluminium or glass. Although caustic soda is effective at breaking down grease it is very damaging to the internal surfaces of your oven. It will attack and damage glass and corrode soft metals such as aluminium and stainless steel. Additionally there is the danger of chemical burns from the ingredients of these types of kit. Bearing in mind the make up of an ovens internal surfaces, Vitreous enamel. Which is a type of molten glass fused onto steel at high temperatures, why buy such a damaging product. After a few treatments your once shiny oven surfaces have become dull. Your stainless steel racks have corroded all because of the oven cleaner in the little bag. Eco friendly oven cleaning. the Oven Supremo way As an Eco friendly oven cleaning specialist Oven Supremo carry a range of bio degradable cleaning products. From citrus based de-greasers to biological oven cleaners. We have everything required to clean...

Cooker cleaning service

Retain the new look of your cooker. With our professional cooker cleaning service by Oven Supremo. You really will not believe your eyes. Cooker cleaning service from Oven Supremo. We cleans all types of domestic cookers, ranging from a microwave up to an Aga, throughout  Wakefield and the West Yorkshire area. Using a range of professional Eco friendly cleaning products we can help return the showroom shine to your cooker. Cooker Cleaning service, cleaning cookers throughout South & West Yorkshire. Cleaning starts with a visit to your home at a convenient time to you. Before cleaning takes place your cooker will be examined for any pre existing faults, and also to advise if there is anything we can’t clean. The cooker will then be stripped down by removing any racks, back plates and where possible fan blades and door seals. Removable items are then placed in our purpose built dip tank, brought up to an optimum temperature which removes all carbon and grease deposits. The internal parts of the cooker will then be de-carbonised and deep cleaned where possible before fully re-assembling. Why not visit our oven cleaning page to find out more. Cooker cleaning service choose what you want cleaned. Our cooker cleaning service is fully flexible and puts you in control of exactly what we clean. Whether its just a single oven we clean, or a double oven and hob clean its entirely up to you. For instance on a double oven free standing cooker you could specify either the main oven clean for only £55, add a top oven or grill for an extra £15. why not take advantage of one of our package deals such as our free standing cooker packages....

Cleaning oven glass.

Don’t struggle with cleaning oven glass, Oven Supremo can help. Cleaning oven glass a problem. Can’t see your food cooking, or stains on the inside of your oven glass that you simply cant clean. These are just a few of the problems where Oven Supremo can help. A deep oven clean is a very thorough service that reaches the deepest parts of your oven. One of the most important aspects of a clean is cleaning oven glass sometimes on both sides where possible. Advantages of using Oven Supremo cleaning services Fume free products used Ready to use immediately Saves you hours of toil Minor repair service Which areas do Oven Supremo cover? Oven Supremo covers, Barnsley. Wakefield. Pontefract. Hemsworth. Some areas around, Doncaster. Rotherham. Sheffield. And the surrounding districts. Get a no obligation quote Contact us about oven cleaning today. 07506...

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Oven cleaning Barnsley. Oven cleaning Wakefield. Oven Supremo providing professional oven cleaning throughout Barnsley & Wakefield since 2016.


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