Oven fan motor sticking!

Is your oven fan motor sticking, if so you may be asking a question we hear on a regular basis. Will a good clean cure a sticky fan motor? In some cases it may be possible, however from experience the vast majority of stuck fan motors are due to wear and tear and will require replacement.

Noisy fan motors or ones that run slow are indicative of failed bearings. The next question, is a stuck fan a hazard. Typically a fan assisted oven uses air circulation to keep an even temperature, however the fan also has a cooling effect on the fan element. Without any cooling effect the fan motor failure can also lead to elements failing.

Oven repair. Oven fan motor sticking!

Oven fan motor not working! Call in the Supremo…

Call in the experts.

Is your oven fan motor sticking! is it noisy. We have even seen clients use a knife to get the fan blades moving, a highly dangerous thing to do. Should your oven develop any fan related problems, we would always give the following advice. Stop using it, & call in an expert. For any oven or cooker repair questions please contact us. We are always happy to help.

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